Far Side Project

What is Far Side Project?  Far Side Project is another annual project and the alter ego of IGW and has a similar theme; however, it captures a season’s worth of GoPro action – summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the south. By alter ego we mean that Far Side allows for an alternative form of expression, both by the contributors and the filmmakers here at the Project. Often times the themes and overtones are more dynamic than that of IGW. The final movie is typically released around Halloween. It is dubbed "Far Side" as it's the halfway point in our annual journey as a community.

How do I submit content?  You can submit a clip for FSP2014 starting June 1, 2014. To submit your clip, click on the 'submit' button bellow and follow the simple instructions to transfer your file.

Can I win a prize for submitting content?  YES! In year's past we have given out SD cards, stickers, DVD's & Blu-rays, GoPro accessories as well as a HERO3 Black Edition! (Much love to GoPro for hooking up the accessories and camera!)

Curious to know how it's gone down in years past?  Check out final FSP2013 film and the Official Trailer for  FSP2012 (which was featured as Video of the Day by GoPro!)



FSP2012 - Official Trailer

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